Taweez for Wealth N Business

We are pleased to inform that we have prepared A a very good and powerful Loh /Taweez in regards to wealth creation,money matters and attract money in what ever work /business your doing.

This Loh e Mushtaree /Taweez Of Jupiter planet will attract money,just like magnet attracts iron.

Jupiter Talisman:

The talisman of Jupiter is cherished because it helps to riches, honor, and glory.

It also helps you becoming influential.

Your opinions gain weight and they are appreciated. Jupiter helps secure peace.

The talisman of Jupiter also provides a good feeling for religious things, law and order, and it makes you conscientious.

It is an excellent help in situations that involve government agencies and courts of law. It can provide help from superiors.

Jupiter’s influence is said to rule over the liver and pituitary gland. Rules the body’s growth rate and production of hormones.

The Jupiter talisman consists of the sixth and seventh pentacles of Jupiter, IT IS  Said to:

  • Gives freedom from all money problems.
  • Give great power against poverty by bringing luck in business, and lawsuits.
  • Strongly attract customers, clients and visitors for shops and factories.
  • Encourage business growth and eliminate business related problems.
  • Business will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.
  • Your business will attract more . Improve and facilitate business functions.
  • Employees will also benefits from this, they will be more positive and will attract and customers and clients.
  • Uplift and emanate a positive aura and magnetism to the shop or factory.
  • Brings tranquility of mind. Make a person honest with a deep moral sense.
  • Protect one from all earthly dangers.
  • Increase mental energy.
  • Gives great ambition.
  • Ensure good fortune at all times.
  • Imbues great mental energy.
  • Builds strength of will and character.
  • Protection from psychic attacks, black magic powers and negative entities.

The item has been charged and blessed with high spiritual and magical energies to help the user attract luck and prosperity for their home and businesses. The item assists those who have a failing business or those who are on the brink of bankruptcy.

This is simple item to use; you are required to place this in your home or shop/office for the benefits to take effect.

This Loh is available at very nominal Hadiya .

We will also provide Loh e Zuhal along with Loh e Mushtaree,which will remove all hurdles and blockage in your life.

Loh e Zuhal /Taweez/Talisman of Saturn will change your life and you will life you can lead A Happy and successful Life.

To get Taweez send us your details.


50 thoughts on “Taweez for Wealth N Business”

  1. Assalam alaikum hru iwant 2 write in short and small that i am facing financial problum if u can solve this i will be thankful to you. u can reply to my mail.
    salam sahaikh


  2. assalamweilekum hazrat,
    sir plz tell me wat must i do to get ths taweez as so as possible,becoz i m totally broke i had a happy family life bt since my mother pass away in ramzan i lended up in hell,my wife dovercied me.my friends left me my business gt closed,my family showed there true colours when i had nothing.now 1 door is open that goes towarda dead..sir plz help me.may ALLAH bless u in wat ever u do.ameen


    1. Salam brother ,

      Please send your details
      Mother name
      Date of birth
      Birth place

      Inshallah we will help in all possible way….
      But remember cowards die thousand time before their death .

      Give yr address we will send full treatment after checking yr case.

      Allah Hafiz


      1. hazrat i have already sent u my address n i m dining hear from u.hazrat cel number is 9004161448.hazrat plz help me b 4 its too late.ALLAH SUBANUTAALA USKE HABIB KE SADQE BOHAT NAWAJEGA.AMIN


    2. Assalaamwalaikum hazrat
      Humne aapki site pe pada is taweez ke baare mai kya aap Hume yeh taweez dey sakte hai aur ha iska hadiya kya hai aapke reply ka intezar rahenga mujhey ameer bandna hai mai ek muflis hu kya aap humari madat karenge
      Dua ki darkhuwast Allah hafiz


  3. Asalaam aleikhum.I have seen your page and read its contents. Am not muslim but I respect the faith and it’s followers.
    I wish to get the taweez of Jupiter for wealth and good luck.
    Advise me how to acquire the same.


    1. Contact me on this number i will told you some ( Wazeefa ) i am also using …..
      when you call or sms kindly told your name to me ..


  4. Sir, assalamu Allaikkum I’m requesting you to help as I want to sell my land and settle with my son, but neighbors and also cousins brothers son is threatening the customers who visit to see the land. Please help us we are very old and want to live safe life after selling our land and settle my kids.
    May Allah always keep you in peace and give you Rizq in whatever you do.


  5. lease send your details
    Name–Md Mukhtar Eliyas
    Mother name Mehrunisha
    Date of birth-15061974
    Birth place-mumbai

    Baba Hazrat sahab i am in problem u able to solve problem can sujject what problem in my life that no success in life business any good job getting day by day i am become poor is any solution for me sir if u solve my problem after word i comitte i wil donate good hadiya
    send in email detail as soon no money very poor form last 8 year no proper jobs business not runing what i am doing not getting sucess i want to become very rich person is any way or sollution whcih can solve my problem as soon
    or it is not solve able lots of baba fail only they took money and run way say problem solve still i am pls dua form allah get solution it can solve or not
    reply me
    Allah Hafiz


  6. Salaam brother, hope you are all well Inshallah. sorry i emailed before, but not sure if you may be busy with works and Ramzaan coming up, I would like to discuss some problems am having and seeing if maybe the taweez of Loh e Zuhal and Loh e Mushtaree
    might be good for me. I will await your reply via email or here and Inshallah then send you my details. God bless you.




  7. Assalamu alykum… I am very much in depth now my money is stuck outside and they r not giving it back… so can u tell me wat to do…


  8. Dear Sir / Uncle,
    Kindly reply to my email, it’s urgent. I’m in financial stress.

    May ALLAH bless you, Aameen.


  9. Salaam I would like you to send me the
    taweez on business,wealth, good fortune,
    Healthy body n strong memory. Hope is
    not too much I am asking.
    Yours truly
    br Ahmed


  10. kindly help me dispute in patner in food manufacture company my patner is jain comunity mr dipen dhirajlal doshi his intension is bad what to have full business i have feeling that he has done black magic can you help me i runiing finalcail crissr


  11. Salaam alaikun sir,

    Please I would like you to me in prayer am new married man i married five months ago things are not moving smooth for me even before i got married, my occupation is information technologies am the owner of the business, anywhere i submitted my quotation i will not hear anything again, me and my wife is very difficulty for us to eat, please sir help me, this poverty is too much me am wife we are living in one single room no kitchine.

    Please sir may ALLAH continue guiding you and aswering your prayer.

    help me with taweez, wealth and good fortune

    my details

    My name is Musa, my mother’s name Rashidat

    From Nigeria, Ibadan Oyo State

    i stay in Abuja Nigeria Fct

    taweez on business,wealth, good fortune,
    Healthy body n strong memory. Hope is


  12. My job is not permanent n my husband is jobless nowadays he’s trying his level best to do something in real estates business as a agent but no income guaranty for every month I’m the alone bread earner n my son Ali he is 15 yrs old mentally challenged not able to talk n walk properly pls help me in finding the solution of my problem n kindly suggest Duas n taweez if possible.


  13. Hello sarkar healings,
    my name is Rashid Raphael Amoyi
    born on 17/12/1964
    everyone at my place of work is against me.all promotions and salary raise go to my workmates!
    how can I succeed in life start a business and stop black magic attack s?


  14. Assalamu allahiykum my brother l have problem about my business since I started it l haven’t get anything about l just do it without any profile, and then if I take my things going to sell other materials there are coming back, just a few people they are buying my stuff…

    please help me to get things teweez INSHALLAH Allah Hafiz


  15. My husband is sufering from black nagic last 20 yrs i had try lot of tawiz n moulvi but did not find any solution
    I hope u can help me
    Became helpless now


  16. Janab mujhy loh e majmooa issrar and loh e zohal chahiyeh main muscat main rahta hun in ka hadiya bataien please… JazakAllah khair


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