Gems Stones and Health Benefits

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem – In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Assalaatu Wassalaamu Alaika Yaa Saiyyadul Mursaleen.

” Allah Shaafi Allah kaafi “

Holy Quran  Says “Out of them (Sea) both come out pearl and coral”

[55 Al-Rahman-Aayaat 22]

In ancient times people used stones to cure certain diseases. This remedy of stones was very effective and that’s the reason it is still in use. Verily Almighty Allah has kept some effect in certain kind of stones also. Our Beloved Prophet Huzoor Muhammad (Salla alaihi wasallam) also weared Yemeni Aqeeq in his ring finger. We have noted here some of the remedies as per our knowledge and information with intention of benefits to the people. Before using this remedy an experts consultancy is strictly advised. Stones are basically used for those diseases or illness which take a longer time to cure, these stones help in recovering faster and acts as a catalysts so hence its better to consult before use.

ALLERGY- Most of the people are allergic to factors like antibiotic drugs, fragrances, spices, hair-dye etc. Symptoms can be eczema, high fever, headaches and in some cases even unconsciousness. Gemstones which have a cooling effect on the body can be worn. Ruby or Yellow sapphire can be useful in this condition.

ANAEMIA- Decrease in iron content of the body decreases the hemoglobin level of the blood. causes may be excessive loss of blood during accidents or in case of women during their menstrual cycles. The symptoms include dry skin and the person becomes easily tired. Wear an iron band on the wrist, Also wearing a 5 carat Red coral or 5 to 7 carat Yellow sapphire made in a gold or silver ring is advantageous.

APPENDICITIS- Swelling on the appendix causes severe stomach ache. In serious cases the appendix may burst and may even result in loss of life. Yellow sapphire can be worn in the third finger, a Red coral pendant can be worn in the neck. A diamond and Ruby can be worn in different hands.

ASTHAMA- Asthma is primarily a hereditary disease. It is also caused due to the pollution in the atmosphere normal breathing of the patient is hampered and he gets an asthama attack accompanied by a severe bout of coughing. A 7 carat Green Emerald, 5 carat Yellow sapphire and 6 carat Moonstone can be worn.

BACKACHE- This is very common disease affecting many people.Main causes are improper posture, sitting or standing continuously, lifting heavy weights, cw supportive bed etc. A 9 carat Red coral or Ruby and an iron pendant should be worn. A hessonite and blue sapphire in a weight ratio of 3:2 made in the same ring is also useful.

BALDNESS- Baldness occurs with growing age and the onset is normally after 40 years of age. But if it occurs at a younger age then it can be caused by allergies or tension. A 8 carat blue sapphire and 5 carat green Emerald can be worn. Wearing Yellow sapphire and Ruby together can also be advantageous.

BRAIN TUMOUR –In this disease a tumor starts growing in the brain causing symptoms such as headaches which become progressively more severe and persistent, vomiting, unconsciousness etc. This proves lethal in most of the cases. Green Emerald, Yellow sapphire and Red coral of same weight can be worn as a pendant or in the same ring.

BOILS- These are caused due to impurities in the blood. Small red boils appear on the body which may enlarge and may be filled with pus subsequently. A 6 carat Moonstone and 4 carat Lajward can be worn. Red coral should be avoid in such cases, but can be worn after 45 years of age.

BRAIN FEVER- In this illness the nerves of the brain are affected. It can also be caused due to unusual stress on the spinal cord. The initial symptoms are fever, headaches, unconsciousness etc. Red coral, Yellow sapphire and green emerald can be worn Ruby can also be worn but it should be removed during the night and during the summer season.

COUGH- This mostly affects small children and is caused due to attack of bacteria. It can also spread from one to another but lasts only for 10 to 15 days. Red colour dresses should be used along with a copper pendant, Markat or Peridot can be worn. A copper chain can also be worn in the neck.

CANCER- This disease can occur in any part of the body oral cancer in men and pelvic cancer in women is most common. Tumors occur in the affected part which may subsequently rupture. causes can be tobacco use, environmental pollution, ultraviolet radiation, alcohol, genetic factors,etc. Ruby made in a gold or copper ring and worn in the middle finger, or Blue sapphire worn in the third finger is useful. After chemotherapy is started a 4 to 7 carat Yellow sapphire and 8 carat Red coral can be worn.

CATARACT- In this condition a thin opaque layer forms on the retina, which hampers the eye sight. Green Emerald helps in increasing the eyesight.White Pearl is helping in bringing back of the lost eyesight. During treatment a Ruby can also be worn. During summer season instead of Ruby, wear a Red coral. Also a Red coral, Pearl and Green Emerald each of 3 carat can be worn together in a ring or pendant.

CHOLERA- This is an infectious disease which spreads through contaminated water or unhygienic food. Fever, headache, weakness etc. Are the main symptoms of this disease? A 6 carat Green Emerald, Yellow sapphire and Moonstone should be worn. Hessonite or Cat eyes can also be worn.

CHICKEN POX- This is an infectious disease which mainly affects children. At the onset, the disease is characterised by fever, and dizziness. After incubation period small red boils erupt all over the body. Wearing a copper wrist band is advantageous. A Red cloth or Red coral can be worn in the neck.

COUGH AND COLD This is a kind of a viral infection and the commonest kind of disease. It is characterised by a running nose, coughing, sneezing and difficulty in breathing. A 5 carat ruby worn in a copper ring or red coral can also be worn. Wearing red clothes also help in reducing the effect of the disease. This is a common disease affecting many people and can caused due to changes in climate, water or air. It is characterised by a running or blocked nose. Ruby, Red coral and Yellow sapphire made in the same ring can be worn for decreasing the severity of this illness.

COLOUR BLINDNESS- This is basically a hereditary disease affecting the eyes. It mainly affects men. In this disease the patient is not able to differentiate between colours. Mainly the patient cannot differentiate between red and green colour. A Pearl worn along with ruby or red coral is advantageous.

CONSTIPATION- This is an intestinal disease which is caused due to uneven bowel movements. Red coral and red clothes should be worn. A yellow sapphire worn in a gold ring can also be helpful.

CRAMPS- Cramps normally affect the muscles and normal working is hampered. sometimes there is loss of sensation in the affected part. A 3 to 5 carat hessonite in a gold or silver ring or a ring made of an alloy of five metals can be useful.

CONJUNCTIVITIS- This is an infectious disease which normally spreads in the summer and rainy seasons. A thin layer forms on the white part of the eyes which causes a burning sensation. The eyes become red and swollen and a sticky substance is excreted. Green emerald, Moonston, Zircon, Opal can be worn in these cases.

COLITIS- This is a disease which affects the intestines the main symptomes are diarrhea and sometimes fever. Green emerald and moonstone should be worn made in silver or gold rings.

DIARRHOEA- This disease mostly spreads during the monsoon and the main causes are swelling in the intestines, eating unhygienic food etc. It is characterised by continuous watery kind of loose motion and the amount of water in the body decreases. Green emerald, Pearl and Moonstone should be worn.

DERMATITIS This disease is caused due to allergy and contact with chemicals. White pearl and White opal should be worn in this condition, wearing cat eyes helps in preventing this disease.

DIABETES- This disease is caused due to decrease in insulin levels. This disease has no cure, it can only be kept in check. Wearing Red coral and Yellow sapphire is advantageous in keeping the disease in check.

DISEASES OF GUMS- Due to some Tooth disorders, the gums are also affected. In this there is a burning sensation in the gums and become weak. Moonstone and Yellow hessonite can be worn in such cases Yellow sapphire and Pearl are also advantageous.

EPILEPSY- Epilepsy is a state of recurrent and usually unprovoked seizures. The patient experiences convulsions and may also lose consciousness. causes can be birth trauma, head injury, toxins, alcohol abuse, etc. Green Emerald and Moonstone can be worn in such cases.

FEVER WITH COLD AND SHIVERING- Symptoms are high fever and continuous shivering, similar to that of malaria. Wearing a 7 to 8 carat Ruby in a silver ring it helps in this condition. Also a copper ring, band, etc. can be worn.

GALLSTONES- Either an excess of cholesterol or a relative decrease in bile salt may result in formation of gall stones. A Sapphire with a bluish tint, Red coral and Moonstone can be worn. A Ruby or White pearl can also be worn.

GANGRENE- In this the affected part of the body becomes black and the flow of blood is hampered and there is no sensation. The nerves in the affected part become damaged and the skin becomes Red. A Red thread cloth or Red coral should be worn along with a copper or iron pendant. A Ruby can also be worn along with copper.

HEART DISEASE- All diseases related to the Heart fall in this category. The capacity of the heart to purify the blood decreases and the person gets easily tired. Red coral and Yellow sapphire can be worn Pearl and Emerald are also useful.

HEADACHE- Mostly all people are prone to headaches due to tension, excessive thinking, emotional stress, continuous work,working late nights, exposure to sun light etc. Ruby, Pearl and Emerald can be worn Blue or Yellow sapphire can also be worn in a silver or copper ring. A Navratna (Nine Stone) pendant worn in the neck is also useful.

HEPATITIS- This disease directly attacks the liver causing it to be swollen headache, vomiting and fever are the main symptoms. After 3 to 4 days it develops into jaundice the urine becomes brownish in colour and there is pain in the muscles and joints. Yellow sapphire and ruby can be beneficial. As a supportive gem, Moonstone can also be used.

HYSTERIA- This is a psychological disease in which a person loses control over his own self and starts be having abnormally. In acute cases the patient may sometime lose consciousness there are no symptoms which mark the onset of this disease and the patient may get an attack any where anytime. Yellow sapphire helps to decrease the severity of this disease Moonstone and Pearl can also be used in this condition.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE- The main causes of high blood pressure are tension, excessive working loads, anger etc. The symptoms can be headaches, problems in breathing and in some cases even unconsciousness. A 8 to 9 carat pure Red coral can be worn Emerald, Pearl, and Moonstone are also useful when worn in separate rings.

HYPOTHYROIDISM- This normally is due to the effect of malnutrition and deficiency of iodine. The throat becomes swollen and tender. White pearl, Ruby and Cat eyes should be worn. Sunaila, Yellow Sapphire and Red coral are advantageous when worn together.

INFLUENZA- Influenza is a common acute respiratory illness caused by viruses, which attack the respiratory tract. The symptoms include continuous sweating, fever, dry skin, loss of water from the body etc. Yellow sapphire or Moonstone can be worn to avoid severity of the disease.

INSOMNIA- Many people in today’s fast paced world complain of sleepless nights or insomnia. Hectic lifestyles, tension and worries are main causes of insomnia. Phioza, Zircon, White opal and Pearl can be worn. Yellow sapphire can also be useful.

JAUNDICE- This is normally caused by the Hepatitis virus and affects the liver and pancreas. Symptoms include fever, stomachache, vomiting, aversion to food, etc.The percentage of Red blood corpuscles decreases and the eyes, fingernails etc. appear Yellowish. 6 carat Green Emerald, 8 carat deep Red coral, 5 carat Yellow sapphire can be worn along with a silver ring and a copper wristband.

LEUCODERMA (WHITE SPOTS)- The colour of the skin is depend primarily on a substance called melanin reduction or lack of formation of melanin in the body causes patchy white spots on the skin specially on the face, around the mouth and neck etc. Wearing a 1 to 2 carat Diamond or 8 carat Phiroza and 3 carat Pearl proves useful in this condition. A 4 to 7 carat Yellow sapphire can also be worn.

LEG PROBLEMS- Problems related to the legs come under this category. For example, Swelling in the legs, excessive sweating in the legs, dryness in the legs, sprains etc. Yellow sapphire, blue Sapphire or 8 carats Lajward, 6 carats red ruby 3-4 carats white yellow sapphire should be worn in different fingers.

MEMORY DISORDERS- Main causes are excessive nervousness, emotional stress and tension filled situations. In this the patient is unable to remember peculiar incidents in the past life. A Pearl or Ruby can be worn in the neck. A 6 carat Green Emerald in one hand can be worn along with a 7 to 9 carat Red coral in the other hand, made in silver rings. A wrist band made out of an alloy of silver, gold or copper can also prove useful.

MUMPS- is an acute contagious viral disease which is characterized by painful enlargement of the salivary glands (below the ears). This normally affects children below the age of 15 years and also young adults. The patient has difficulty is swallowing. White or Red coral can be worn in such cases.

MYOPIA- Persons who are able to see things which are near but have difficulty in seeing things which are far are called Myopic. White Pearl, Moonstone and Red coral can be useful in this condition.

MALARIA- Malaria is a mosquito-borne tropical disease. The patient experiences severe cold along with shivering and high fever. A 5 to 6 carat Red pearl or 10 to 12 carat Moonstone or Red coral can be worn.

MOUTH ULCERS- Continuous and excessive intake of hot, spicy and non-vegetarian food is the main cause of mouth ulcers. Sphetic, White pearl and Moonstone should be worn the patient should always wear Red thread or Red clothes. A Red coral can also be worn in a Copper ring.

PEPTIC ULCER- Ulcer occurring in the digestive region are known as PEPTIC ULCERS. Ulcer may occur in the stomach as well as the duodenum due to the bad effect of the digestive juices and acids present. Green emerald and Yellow sapphire can worn in the middle and little fingers respectively. Other stones which can be helpful are Moon stone, Hessonite (8 to 10 carats), Sphatik or Lajward, worn in the middle finger.

PIMPLES / ACNE- This occurs due to the disorders in the blood and normally affects the teenagers. During adolescence chemical / hormonal changes occur in the body and due to this pimples come on the face. A 8 to 10 carat White coral or 4 to 6 carat of White pearlin a silver ring and wron in the middle finger or Lajward worn in the third finger. If red coral is not suitable then wear a silver ring only.

PILES- This is caused mainly due to continuous constipation. In this the passing of stools becomes very painful for the patient and may some time be accompanied by bleeding. Wearing White Pearl, Moonstone and Red coral is found to be advantageous in this condition.

Psychological Disorders- In this disease the proper functioning of the brain is affected, memory becomes weak and there is loss of concentration. Excessive thinking, emotional stress, tumor, continous use of tobacco or alcohol are the main causes. Wearing Moonstone,Yellow sapphire and Green Emerald helps in soothing the mind. Red coral can also be worn as a supportive Gem.

POLIO- The polio virus affects children who have not been given the polio vaccination, the virus directly attacks the spine due to which any part of the body can be affected and the bones becomes abnormal. Blue sapphire, Lajward or Indranil Sphatik can be worn as a pendant in the neck, Yellow sapphire can also be worn in the finger.

PNEUMONIA- Pneumonia is a viral disease. It is characterised by high fever, headaches, chest pain and cough. Wearing Red coral and Yellow sapphire can be beneficial in such cases.

RENITIS- This is occurs due to cold or allergy in the winter season the effects of this disease are increased. The patient does not feel hungry and the body becomes weak, the nose gets blocked and the capacity of the respiratory system decreases. Emerald and Ruby of same weight can be worn Yellow sapphire and Pearl can also be used in this condition.

SKIN IRRITATION- Skin irritation or burning seusation on the skin can be caused due to a variety of reasons. During treatment Red clothes should be worn by the patient. Wearing a 9 carat Red coral and Moonstone or 3 carat White Pearl can be beneficial.

SYPHILIS- Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease and is highly contagious and can also be fatal in advanced cases. Wearing white or Red coral is said to advantageous.

TONSILLITIS- This is related to the throat and commonly known as sore throat. The throat becomes congested, red and gives a foul odour the tonsils become swolleu and tender. This infection is common in small children cause of sore throat may be cough and cold and may also be accompanied with fever, nose congestion and difficalty in hearing. Wear a 5 carat Red coral made in a silver ring in the third finger. Red coral or Yellow sapphire can also be worn in the neck in the form of a pendant.

TOOTHACHES- This is a common disease which affects all persons at some point or the other eating chocolates, toffees ect. And not clearing the teeth properly are main causes. Wearing an Iron wristband helps in such situation Red or White coral, or Yellow sapphire can also be beneficial.

TUBERCULOSIS- Tuberculosis is an infectious disease and remains an important health problem most patients are ill for several months before detection of the disease. Symptoms include continuous cough, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss. Yellow sapphire, White pearl or Red coral can be worn to decrease the severity of the disease.

VIRAL FEVER- This viral fever is found mostly in young people. The symptoms are similar to that of influenza. Red coral, red clothes or thread should be worn to decrease the severity of this disease.

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  1. OK, add this to the the above, its my experience and is 100% true.

    Tourmaline quartz cures, in fact destroys black magic, if one is possessed by demons. even if the suffering’ is much much older.


  2. Plz help me my daughter has rheumatoid arthritis from the age of 9 she is now 23 yrs & my wife has psoriatic arthritis & psoriasis thank you


  3. my name is Venus Ankur Korde
    born in mumbai on 05th August 1985 at 07:15am, Monday
    i am Currently wearing a White Coral (safed Moonga) 8 and half carats

    my husband’s name is Ankur Uday Korde
    born in Jalandhar, Punjab on 02nd February 1985 at 09:00pm
    he is currently wearing a panna (emerald) 5 carats in right hand last finger in silver.

    Someone advised both of us to wear Lajward Stone blue colour in silver right hand middle finger on Saturday evenibg. Please confirm if we both can wear this or not with the current stones that we are wearing. If yes then how many carats and how to wear it.


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