Distance Healing for Physical & Spiritual Problems

Distance Healing for Physical & Spiritual Problems

Spiritual Healing is your ultimate weapon to boost your immune system and have a peace of mind and soul for good mental and spiritual health.

  • What is Distance Healing?

A recovery that is practiced whilst the recipient is not physically present is referred to as distant recuperation and this works in a similar way to being within the presence of the healer. Distance Healing lets in the recipient to benefit from the recuperation technique even supposing they’re unable to be gift because of distance or contamination.

Distance restoration is likewise referred to as: Absent recuperation, distance remedy, remote remedy, distance treatment, distance psychic remedy, distance wholistic treatment, distance holistic remedy, far off holistic recuperation, distance Reiki mild, faraway non secular assist, distance restoration power transmittal, and different names. The methods concerned may vary slightly depending at the origins of the healer ie: a few may introduce a spiritual element or ethnic ritual, but the crucial transmission of recuperation electricity is accepted.

  • How does Distance Healing work?

Healers have known for hundreds of years what modern astro-physicists and quantum scientists have only recently emerge as privy to: The global as we recognize it’s miles an illusion. We are all made of power, vibrating at distinctive pitches, designating one of a kind manifestations of life. For those those who are able to intuitively paintings with energy, or to analyze the procedures worried, healing is an issue of moving and balancing that power.

Working no longer the bodily form, but with natural power approach that the healer can operate out of doors of the everyday boundaries of time and area. This permits the healer to ship therapy to a person or energy sample this is physically remote from them, or now not even within the international that we recognize.

Healing power is frequently termed “sub-atomic” and/or “cosmic”, however what this indicates essentially is that any manifestation of existence power, such as the apparently inanimate, which includes rocks and vegetation, via to standards and conditions that we’ve got invested our electricity into, can all advantage from recuperation remedy.


Energy Healing is a remedy frequently searched for illnesses and imbalances that aren’t usually without difficulty defined. When our physical our bodies are injured we can see the blood oozing from our injuries. When our bones end up broken we will have a look at the fractures on x-rays. The human body is more than flesh, blood, and bones. Misalignments of our subtle energies (human energy field, charisma, and chakras) aren’t as easily diagnosed because those energies are invisible to the human eye.

When those invisible energies emerge as misaligned our diseases aren’t as effortlessly diagnosed. But there are people we can turn to for assist. Medical intuitives can sense active imbalances in our bodies. Also, strength healers who’re studied in numerous power-based healing procedures had been skilled in clearing, redirecting, or manipulating these energies to ease and deal with diseases.



Please send your details and get treated and live a happy , successful life here and hereafter.

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29 thoughts on “Distance Healing for Physical & Spiritual Problems”

  1. Salaamu’alaikum,
    I have a friend, who’s tired all day, lost all the will to go to work, to earn money, he’s always groaning because of whatever pain in the back, in the head, in the belly, etc.
    He didn’t say that his family have been cursed, but i know it. There’s some members of his family who’re doing black magic, that i know for sure, and they mean him harm.
    I would be very grateful if you could help me out there, i feel so sad at times when i think about this, i keep sending good vibes, duas, and ask for their forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala, but i need more resources like exact ayats from Quran Paak, and also some advice would be so helpful.
    Jazaak’allah khair
    Greetings from Mauritius


      1. Salaam, finally my friend have gone thru an operation, alhamdoulilah, he’s recovering.
        Still I would like to have some exact aayats from Qur’aan but i dont know which kind of details u would like to know.
        Well my friend is 21yrs of age, a believer, he lives very far from where i’m residing.
        But what i know, is that whenever his ill-intentioned grandma gives him money, he feels pain in his belly.
        And nobody’s wiling to help him.
        Thanking you in advance for your help.


  2. sir whole my family is facing this problem since last 15year my father is seriously affected by this ,then after it is affecting to all of us ,I was a brilliant student I scored 85 percentage in diploma but now I no energy to one sentence ,for this reason I stopped my whole education now brother are also facing this problem ,sir we are from poor back round we wondered and met many person there is on s


  3. sir whole my is facing this problem since last year my father is seriously affected by this problem then after to all of us i was a brilliant student i scored 85 in my diploma but now I have no energy to memory a just one sentence I met many person there is no permanent solution so please help to continue my education and make my whole family happy sir I never forget you until my death .
    it is seriously destroying our whole life


  4. Salaam
    Am from South Africa,
    I have been through so many heart aches in my life, am always the one that gets hurt, i my belly blows up like am having a baby, i strive for a better life, but i always get blocked can you help



  5. please i am from Ghana by name Abdul-Latif Ninkpeng. i have had a lot of setbacks in life. i have never enjoyed life all the problems from A-Z. i seriously need a solution. if you help me my soul will forever thank you even if i die. i am being confronted with so many problems said that i don’t have faith for a living again. i am totally depressed. i was sitting and something occur to that i should look for any islamic site for the sake of Allah i will find a solution. i just did and came across your site. it is by chance that i came across your site but by the grace of Allah. i am experiencing liver problems, fevers, backaches, black magic and etc. i have given you a message in your email address. please do work on my behalf and help me treat myself. i will also need a protection talisman from you if you don’t mind.


  6. Slaam .. can you please help me please i have jadu on me and my bedroom is full of jinns.. i cant get on with my life at all .. i get attacked by evial jinns all the time.. i cant walk proply sleep proply or do anything no body in my family is helping me… every day is just getting worse day by day please help me !!


  7. As-salamu alaikum Jonab
    I feel that myself and my family are under the influence of black magic by some relatives. Have tried to cut it by several persons but to no avail. So I would like to know whether you can do something in this regard and if yes what do I have to do.


  8. hi,
    sir please help me. my family is in trouble because of black magic. my sis is sick from last 8 yrs and my wife is always fighting and lieing to me, everything she says or do at some point i know she is lieing, i dont know what to do. please help me.
    my name- prabhdeep singh rekhi
    mother- manjit kaur rekhi


  9. how is your money sir that i will pay to make me rich,

    because povert is serious dealing with me even my wife doesn’t respect me anymore.

    please me sir.

    my name is Musa,
    my mother’s name rashidat, my date of birth is 29/10/1983

    see help me sir, am confused


  10. Sir, My only son aged 24 met an accident. For the past 18 months his conscious come back. Still he is in bed. Please pray for him and heal him. You are the only way to wake up my son.
    His name is Ajai Koushik. His DOB 14-10-1990. . Father name – Kannan.t and Mother name is PC . Jayaanthi.Help me sir.


  11. Salam brother,

    I am having some bad luck. I believe that someone might have cast black magic or the evil eye against me. Can you help me?


  12. aslamalikum,I have many problems in my life please contact me in my email please I’ll give you the whole story of my life then we go from there.
    Jazakallah kher brother.
    Looking forward to hear from you.


  13. Assalaamu walaykum
    I need help knowing if my close friend Nabeel is being under a black magic spell please help me know and help me if you can


  14. Assalamu-A’laykum.

    I Need your kind help.

    1) My son might be affected by Taweez/Black magic ( Kala Jadu). How can myself can treat it.

    2) I have lost my Job. And, family is facing big big problem. I am facing big financial problem.

    Please help to get relief.

    Best regards,
    Mohammad Ali,


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