Mars Jupiter Trine May 2017

    Transiting Mars trine Jupiter will boom your choice to compete to win. Almost any motion you start now will come to be a success. This transit is one of the best indicator of a success movement. Successes in war, undertaking, sexual conquest and commercial enterprise. The proper fortune you revel in comes from … Continue reading Mars Jupiter Trine May 2017


Islamic ways to Wear Gemstone

Islamic ways to Wear Gemstone. There are many confusion over wearing a Gemstone in Islam. Many Questions asked by many people is  Is it permissible to wear gemstone rings in Islam? Which Gemstone should i wear ? And many more, We at Sarkar Healing try to answer this in simple way. It's not HARAM to … Continue reading Islamic ways to Wear Gemstone

What is Zaicha Urdu Kundli BirthChart?

What is Zaicha Urdu Kundli BirthChart ? Astrology is the most ancient of all sciences and has reached considerable perfection not only in India but across the universe. The Arabic term "Ilm-al-nujum" means Islamic astrology that relates to the study of the heavens by the ancient Muslims. But it must be remembered that Astrology has got nothing to do with religion … Continue reading What is Zaicha Urdu Kundli BirthChart?