Islamic Spiritual Healing is based on the knowledge extracted from Quran and Sunnah based on the concept of Seek, Send and Heal through Nur.

Sarkar Healing is a Powerful Team of Spiritual N Sufic Healers’, Gem Stone Therapist, and Islamic Research Scholars who are working on various things like

1-Effects of planets on humans and their treatment based purely on Auliya (Sufis ) Therapy.
2-Effects of Gem Stones on stars (planets) of every human.
3-Color Therapy.
4-Construction/ Repair of home, office & farm based on Prophetic & Auliya Therapy.
5-Paranormal Sciences.
6-Spirituail Sciences.

Sarkar Healing is working with combination of various Islamic and Scientific Therapies to help every one irrespective of cast and religion.

You will get complete details for a solution of your problems, we will give instructions as per the problem, Sadakath, zikir, wazaif, Taweez or any special instructions to solve your particular problem, Our panel of experts ( Occultist, Aamil and Kamil Peer Saheb) and after the discussion and Mashora, we will send you the solution of your problems. We hope you will be more than happy to receive our reply.

We Are Thankful To Allah Almighty That He Has Given Us This Opportunity To Serve His Creatures And Help Them To Get Rid Of Their Problems, You Are Welcome To Visit Us Or Call Us At Phone Or Recommend Us To Your Friends Or Acquaintances.


18 thoughts on “ABOUT US”

  1. asa can you reply me on my email
    I have a lot of issues re jinnat jadoo bandish etc on me husband and my kids
    we all are suffering in various ways
    I am only wanting to heal through quranic way ameen


  2. Do you, the makers and helpers of this site, believe that the only god is ALLAH and that Mohammed pbuh is his latest prophet and messenger, and do you you believe fully in the Quran and do you believe in the Sunnah from the latest prophet and messenger Mohammed pbuh( peace be upon him)?


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