Durood O Salam

Darud/Salwat for buisness & Wealth

If you have a shop and you are not getting enough customers. And you want to do some thing with it while working and being busy. Just remember this Darood Maal and recite when customers are not coming. InshAllah customers will find way to your shop. We have special talisman for this problem also. If… Continue reading Darud/Salwat for buisness & Wealth


Silsila of Sufis

Silsila of Sufis Qadiriyyah: Qadiriyyah (also transliterated Kadri, Elkadry, Kadray, Qadiri or Qadri), is one of the oldest Sufi tariqas. It derives its name from Abdul-Qadir Gilani (radi Allah anhu) (also transliterated as "Jil lani" or "Jailani" and "Jilali" in the Maghreb) AH 470 (1077-1166), a native of the Iranian province of Gilan. In 1134… Continue reading Silsila of Sufis


99 Names (Attributes) of Allah

99 Names (Attributes) of Allah