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Wholesale Gem Stones & Jewellery

Wholesale Gem Stones & Jewellery


Quran’s Self Clinical Psychological Treatment

Allah says ''We send down (stage by stage) in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss''. A number of psychologists conducted a series of scientific studies to benefit from the Quran in treating various psychological ailments such as… Continue reading Quran’s Self Clinical Psychological Treatment

Islamic And Astrology


Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of natural healing based on the application of Universal Life Force Energy Reiki Course: Levels in Reiki Healing System: 4 Levels are there in Reiki Healing, The first 2 Levels are for Reiki Practitioners & rest of 2 Levels for Reiki Masters, Reiki I-Healing without Symbols (self & closers)… Continue reading REIKI

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Sadqa (charity) jab apne malik ke hath se nikalta hai to Uss waqt 5 jumley kehta hai 1. Main faani maal tha tu nay mujhe baqa di 2. Main tera dushman tha ab tu nay mujhe apna dost bana liya 3. Aaj say pehlay tu meri hifazat karta tha ab mein teri hifazat karoun ga… Continue reading SADQA BEST WAY OF PROTECTION

Colour Therapy By Sufis

Color Therapy By Sufis

Color Therapy By Sufis Every person is under the influence of one color or another, and s/he sees life through the filter/glass of that color. Yet, people dont normally think about colors. We are inspired by viewing pictures and paintings but dont give much attention toward the nature of colors. If we become more aware… Continue reading Color Therapy By Sufis



Spirituality is commonly relied upon to cope with the stress caused by evil spiritual problems or health problems. Now the medical effects of faith are considered a matter not just of faith but also of science! Dr. C. Callender, Chair of the Surgery Department at Howard University, Washington D.C. rightly said: “The miracles of spiritual healing… Continue reading QURANIC HEALING-A NEW MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY

Meditation Para-Normal Science

Psychosymbology is to control your own destiny.

Psychosymbology is to control your own destiny. Meditation teaches you how to contact that part of your brain which contains all the secrets of the ages – past, present and future- secrets which will send you soaring to heights of bliss, peace, and personal power.   It is the language of brain, is easy to… Continue reading Psychosymbology is to control your own destiny.