Jupiter Taweez 2019 For Money and Financial Growth

We are Pleased to Announce, That the Jupiter Taweez 2019 For Money and Financial Growth kit will be available for Limited Time Period.

The Jupiter Taweez will be made at the best time, to give the Best result for  the coming year 2017.This Complete Kit is good to handle the Difficult times with money, business & Financial matters, in this competitive world.


This Taweez Kit will be Shipped by International Courier, reaching you in couple of weeks, with full instruction.

Jupiter Taweez 2017 For Money
Jupiter Taweez 2017 For Money

WE AT SARKAR HEALINGS have made specially this Ta’wiz Kit with a Powerful Combination of Jupiter Ta’wiz/Talisman, along with few other Coded Duas so you can get maximum benefits From Jupiter and Quranic Coded Duas. 

JUPITER TRANSIT IN 2016-2017,Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter for good reason. Loh e Mushtari – Jupiter Tawiz will attract money,just like magnet attracts iron.

This Tawiz Kit is suitable

  • If you want to have Financial freedom ?
  • If you wants to More Money in your  business ?
  • If you wants to  More Money to pay your loans ?
  • If you wants to get countless clients for your Business ?
  • If you want to get a high salary Job ?
  • If you wants to get promotions ?
  • If you wants to increase your Salary?
  • If you wants to receive money from someone who has taken and now not giving back?
  • If you want to be Rich & to be Blessed with unanticipated wealth from unknown source ?

So whatever you wish according to MONEY this Money Kit will do for you.This Money Kit has been charged and blessed with high spiritual and magical energies to help the user attract luck and prosperity for their home and businesses. This kit also assists those who have a failing business or those who are on the brink of bankruptcy.

The Ta’wiz will be made in a particular name only & To make this Money Kit for you we require

  • Name
  • Mother’s Name
  • Date of Birth

This Money Kit will be send  to your address, across the GLOBE BY International Courier.

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Powerful Seal of Solomon Naqsh E Sulemani For Each and Every purpose in Life.

Powerful Seal of Solomon Naqsh E Sulemani For Each and Every purpose in Life.

Life is one difficulty after another. One task comes after another. One issue after another, its important to know that while life tests us. There is ease after hardship provided you choose a right path. If you use Naqsh E Sulemani with clear intentions then there is no reasons for the hardship arid problems to continue in your life.

No Medicine, counselling session or cleverness can compete to strong belief in ALLAH, as long as one believes in loving Allah. One has a reason to be optimistic, belief can give you the ability to handle all sorts of difficult situation, it can give you the ability to see positivity in the over whelming negative situation.

So using this Naqsh Sulemani, your belief most be firm and pious. It is made with a combination of various spiritual energies, Names of Almighty ALLAH which has many powers and can be used to fulfill your wishes like to protect from evil,illness, poverty, name and fame , etc

Below are various benefits of Seal Of Solomon/Naqsh E Sulemani…

  1. ATTRACTS LOVE: It will help to identify them good person and help them to accept with love and respect.
  2. SPIRITUAL HEALING: It will help sick person to remove negative energies and connect to them to positive energies.
  3. PROTECTION FROM EVIL SPIRITS: It will be powerful Protection shield against demons and evil spirits.
  4. PROTECTION AGAINST ENEMIES: If your enemies trying to harm in any way, you will be safe and stay protected from such negative energies.Your enemies will be in fear and stay away from you.
  5. PROTECTION AGAINST EVIL’S EYE: It Bestows very good Protection against enemies and banishes the evil eye from people & their homes.
  6. TALISMAN FOR MONEY OR WEALTH AMULET: It will provide you with contact livelihood and help you manage business & different negotiation, also you will see Improvement in business.
  7. ACHIEVE SUCCESS: Your will improve in many ways, and achieve your goals and dreams in most successful manners.
  8. FULFILL ALL YOUR WISHES: You will experience great positive changes in your life which are beyond your imaginations.
  9. OPENS DOORS: It will help you to get out from past experience and open many doors for growth.
  10. BLACK MAGIC REMOVAL: Naqsh E Sulemani is the most effect and powerful way to break black magic, Jadoo, and many more.
  11. GETTING MARRIED: If you love anyone,with good intention, it will increase and will become your life partner.
  12. GET FAMOUS & LOVED BY PEOPLE: You will get Honor in the society, People will give more respect & Love to you .

Naqsh E Sulemani is a very powerful Remedy for each and every problem in Life.​It is a greatest blessing of ALLAH to make any one king or minister or least HIS blessing and generosity can make any one honorable and prosperous.

FREE GIFT WITH EVERY TALISMAN: Along with this Powerful Talisman/Seal of Solomon you will get a Powerful mental Diet Plan and Distance Healing Session.


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

Sūrat Aala (Arabic: سورة الأعلى‎, “The Most High”, “Glory To Your Lord In The Highest”) is the eighty-seventh sura of the Qur’an with 19 ayat.

Surah Al-Aa’la describes the Islamic view of existence, the Oneness of Allah, and Divine revelation, additionally mentioning rewards and punishments. Mankind often hides things from each other and from themselves as well. The sura reminds us that Allah knows the things that are declared and things that lie hidden. The final verse of this Sura affirms that a similar message was also revealed to Abraham and Moses in their scriptures.

Surat Al-A’lā is among the most recited suras in the Jummah and Witr prayers.

Surat Aa’la is a Al-Musabbihat sura because it begins with the glorification of Allah.


Surah Aala Benefits

  1. The reciter of Surah Aala will get the reward equal to ten times the number of letters in the divine books that were revealed to the Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam, Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) and Prophet Musa (a.s.)
  2. Imam Ali ibn abi Talib (radi allahu tala anhu) used to recite this surah in his Isha salat. He said: “If you know the blessings of Surah Ala you will recite it 20 times every day.
  3. Those who recites Surah Ala it is as though he has recited the heavenly scriptures sent down on Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) and Prophet Musa (a.s.).
  4. Surah al-A’ala is also good for relieving ear pains and other ailments.
  5. If Surah Aala is recited to remove pain in the ear or neck or heal a sickness, it would do so very soon. It would also cure piles, broken limb.
  6. Recites Surah Al-Aala in his obligatory and supererogatory salats it would be said to him: “Enter Jannah/paradise from whichever door your like.”
  7. Recite of Surah Aala for safety on journey.
  8. If written text of Surah A’ala is put around the neck of a person suffering piles, it would be cured very soon.

Those who want Taweez, Naqash of Surah Aala Benefits , please send contact by email-sarkarhealing@gmail.com

Healing by Yaqeen

Healing by Yaqeen

All praise to Allah Who Created the human from soil, He is Allah Who also Made rocks from the soil which can crush the soil, He is Allah Who Created Iron which breaks the rocks, He is Allah Who Created Fire which melts the Iron, He is Allah Who Created WATER which extinguishes the fire, He is Allah Who Created AIR which can carry tons of water as clouds, & He is Allah Who Descends the rain & Gives life to dead soil.

Tibb-e-Nabawi is the divine medicine that was Gifted by Allah to Prophet Muhammad Salallaho Alaihe Wasallam by WAHEE (revelation). It is the true healing for both the body & soul, for the doctor & patient, for the sick & healthy.

While seeking Shifa from the un-seen treasures of Allah The AlMighty, YAQEEN ~ BELIEF is the most vital medicine. Belief is the foundation of Tibb-e-Nabawi.

Prophet Ibrahim Alaih-as-Salaam said :

وَإِذَا مَرِضْتُ فَهُوَ يَشْفِينِ

When I get sick, only Allah Gives me Shifa (cure) ~ Surah Shua’araa’ **verse # 80

In fact, only a person obedient to Allah is capable of developing such a strong belief on Allah’s treasures, and SHIFA (cure from disease) is one of those treasures. On the contrary, a sinful person is unable to have a firm belief on Allah’s Powers, sins drive him / her away from Allah’s Mercy & Shifa (cure from disease) is also a part of Allah’s Mercy & Blessing.

So to be an obedient slave & keeping yourself away from sins is the 1st necessary step of having a strong YAQEEN on Allah. Once a human is capable of self-control within the limits of Halaal & Haraam, his / her heart starts to produce the YAQEEN.

A weak belief spoils the connection between patient & THE HEALER, i.e. the human & his CREATOR.

When the heart accepts that a certain medicine carries the cure, the body will feel an elevation in its strength and in the instinctive heat that will help the body get rid of and extract out the harmful substances. On the other hand, sometimes an effective medicine fails to work because the patient does not believe that it will cure him, and consequently, his body neither accepts it, nor benefits from it.

Even the Quran, which is the best, most beneficial remedy ever, both in this life and in the Hereafter, and which is a cure for every disease, will not benefit the heart that does not believe in its value as a cure and a remedy. Rather, the Quran only adds more disease to such evil hearts.

There is not a more effective cure for the diseases of the heart than the Quran, for it completely eradicates the ills of the heart, preserves the heart’s health and wellbeing and defends it against all that might bring harm to it. Yet, most of the hearts ignore the Quran and do not believe in it, and thus refrain from using it. Instead, such people refer to other types of medicine that were prepared by their like from among mankind, thus preventing their hearts from benefiting from the Quran. Consequently, the symptoms that attacked their hearts will persist and will expose their hearts to even more ailments. By the passage of time, both the doctors and the patients will get used to the medicines produced and prescribed by their like, leaders, or those whom they respect. In this case, disasters will accumulate and the diseases will become harder to cure. And the more they (those who ignore the Quran) use these medicines, the more strength they will add to the ailment”.

Disease comes by Allah’s Will & Shifa also comes from Allah’s treasures of the un-seen, and if Shifa is delayed, it is due to Allah’s Wisdom & Hikmah.

Allah Knows the best why He Sends the disease to His slaves; but taking the pain with SABR; raising your hands in Duas for seeking Shifa; tears dropping out of your eyes, waiting for the cure to come down from the skies and Subhanallah that a slave learns and gets closer to his Lord during the process of Disease ~ Medicine ~ Cure. And even Allah Comes so close to His slave while the slave is sick.


Reference: http://www.tibbenabawi.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=403&Itemid=56

Special Coded Duas for 2019 Prosperity,Success,Love

Special Coded Duas for 2019 Prosperity,Success,Love

We have the Very Special Taweez packages for 2019.

1-All in 1 Taweez Set – This is a powerful combination of 

  • Naqsh e Sulemani -Unique Talisman Of Prophet Suleiman
  • 7 Planets Talisman
  • Jupiter Taweez Talisman
  • Protection taweez- to protect from all kinds of negative energies.


2-Special Taweez for Growth, Wealth & Protection

  • Naqsh e Sulemani -Unique Talisman Of Prophet Suleiman
  • Jupiter Taweez Talisman
  • Protection taweez- to protect from all kinds of negative energies.


3-Special Taweez for Growth, Wealth & Protection

    • Jupiter Taweez Talisman
    • Protection taweez- to protect from all kinds of negative energies.




Naqsh e Sulemani -Talisman Of Prophet Suleiman

Naqsh e Sulemani -Unique Talisman Of Prophet Suleiman

Naqshe–Sulemani  is unique Talisman of Prophet Suleman (AS).

Naqsh-e-Sulemani is considered that it is made for the people who want to take advantages of the Spiritual Powers in Islam.

Naqsh-e-Sulemani is used for the happiness, health, money, power and success in the life.

It is also used for the protection from the black magic, bad spirits, evil eye, bad luck and the ghost power.

It is also used to fulfill your wishes and desire such as getting love marriage, get success in life.

It can be used in the different type of situation, you should not use it only in the problems, and you should keep it with you for your happy life.

If you have dreams and you want to make them true, the naqsh-e-Sulemani can fulfill your wish by the power which generates by this amulet.

This naqsh can be used for each and every purposes.

If you want to heal your disease and wound and you have other health problem. this Naqsh-e-Sulemani can be used for the healing of the health.

If you have money problems in your life and you have done all efforts to making the money but still you have the money problem. The Naqsh-e-Sulemani is so powerful which can easily solve your money problem. You will get the money from the different sources. It will reach to the higher financial level and you will never get the money problem in future till you keep this tantra with you.

Virtues of Surah Lahab Benefits (Chapter 111)


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful 

(The Flame) Number of Verses: 5

This Meccan Surah, which was revealed at the beginning of the open invitation to the holy Prophet (S), contains the name of one of the enemies of Islam and the holy Prophet (S), at that time, Abu Lahab, for whom a strong warning is given. The content of the Surah shows that he harbored a special enmity toward the Apostle and both he and his wife committed whatever vice they could against him.

The Qur’an clearly says that they both will enter Hell from which they cannot escape. This prophecy actually happened and finally they died without having faith in Islam. This is an explicit prediction of the Holy Qur’an.

It is cited in a tradition, that the holy Prophet (S) said:

“He who recites it (Surah Lahab), I hope that Allah will not gather him and Abu Lahab in the same abode”.

(i.e., he will be in Paradise while Abu Lahab will be in Hell).

It is obvious that this virtue is of the person who, with reciting it, goes another way diverse from Abu Lahab’s, not of the one who recites it with the tongue, but, acts like Abu Lahab.


It is narrated from Ibn Abbas that when the verse: “And admonish the nearest kinsmen,”

was revealed, the holy Prophet was commanded by Allah to gather his close relatives and announce, openly, the invitation of Islam for the first time, and that he was the apostle of Allah. Then, he climbed to the top of Mount Safa and called: /ya sabaha/. (This phrase was use to inform all people to prepare to defend themselves when an enemy was about to attack.)

When the people heard the call of Muhammad (S), they went to him. He pointed out the different Arab tribes by name and addressing the assembly, asked:

“If I tell you that there is a huge enemy army camping at the foot of this mountain, on the other side, will you believe me?”

The whole assembly unanimously said:

“Certainly we will believe, for thou hast never told a lie”.


said the holy Prophet (S):

“I have come from Allah as a warner to preach the Unity of the Lord”.

Hearing this, Abu Lahab exclaimed:

“Perdition to thee! Was it for this that thou assembled us?”

It was at that moment that this Surah was revealed, saying:

“May the hands of Abu Lahab perish, may he (himself) perish”.

the danger and enmity of Abu Lahab and his wife was not limited only to that action. They were the worst people of that time and the most habitual enemies of early Islam. That is why the Qur’an clearly and scornfully reproaches them. Some other details will be pointed out later, Allah willing.

1) Recite for relief from backache


At the time of reciting this surah send la-nat (curse) on Abu Lahab who belied and opposed the Holy Prophet tooth and nail.
Whoso recites this surah Allah would not keep him and Abu Lahab in one place; and as Abu Lahab’s abode is hell, the reciter would live in paradise.
If this surah is recited before gong to sleep, Allah would keep him in His protection.
If a sick person recites this surah in bed his ailment would be cured.

Those who want Taweez, Naqash of Surah Lahab Benefits , please send contact by email-sarkarhealing@gmail.com

Prophet used medicine himself and prescribed medicine.

The type of medicines that Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam and his companions used to take was nothing like the chemical mixtures (compounds). Rather, the majority of their medicine consisted of only one ingredient. Sometimes, they would take another substance to assist the medicine or make it taste better. This was, and still is, the case with most of the medicine used by many cultures such as Arabs, Turks, Indians and nomads. The Romans and the Greeks, on the other hand, use a mixture of substances or remedies in their medicine.

The medical authorities agree that whenever an illness could be fixed with nourishment and diet, then medicine should be ignored. In addition, they agree that whenever it is possible to use only one substance or ingredient as a remedy, a compound remedy should not be used. They agree that the body will be harmed if doctors over prescribe the medicine. This is because the remedy might not find an illness to cure, or might find an illness that it cannot cure, or might be suitable for the illness, but an excess dose may be given, thereby compromising the health of the body.

The most experienced doctors use medications that consist of a single ingredient. The medication should be similar or related to regular foods that the patient is used to eating. Cultures that consume one or only a few types of food in their regular diet, generally suffer from few illnesses, and they should not utilize compound medicines. Those who live in cities and whose diets are complex need medicines that are a mixture of several ingredients, as these are the types of medicines that most suit their illnesses, the ailments of people who live in deserts are usually simple and thus simple medications are suitable for them. These arguments impose the facts that are known in the medical profession.

Prophetic medicine has a divine element to it. This element makes comparing Prophetic medicine to the medicines offered by conventional doctors similar to comparing the medicine presented by the doctors of folk medicine. The best medical authorities agree to this fact, since the science that they excel in is a result of comparisons, experimentation, suggestions, visions and assumptions. Some of them state that their knowledge is acquired through the animal kingdom, for example they observe cats swallowing a poisonous creature and then watch it licking the oil in the lamp, thus neutralizing the effect of the poison. They in addition observe a snake that has something wrong with its eyes. The snake then wipes its eyes on fennel leaves and cures its condition. In addition, they observe some birds that sip seawater when constipated. There are many similar examples that doctors mention concerning their observations of nature.

This type of knowledge cannot be compared to revelation from Allah to His Messenger and which informs him of what is good for him and what is not. Comparing scientific knowledge to revelation is like comparing the rest of the sciences to what the Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam has been sent with. In fact, the Prophets provide us with a kind of medicine that the doctors can barley understand or reach by their experimentation, hypothesis and theories. The Prophets deliver remedies that heal the heart from whatever attacks it. These Prophetic remedies strengthen the heart and increase the reliance and dependence on Allah. It aids in seeking refuge, being humble and showing submissiveness to Him, begging Him, giving charity and supplicating to Him, it also includes repenting to Allah, seeking His forgiveness, being kind to His creation and helping those who are in desperate need and those who have suffered a calamity. These cures have been tried by various nations who have indeed found them curative, which the doctors can never offer as their own, either by experiments or scientific observations.

We have tried the healing of Tibb-e-Nabawi and found that they are more powerful than any type of regular medicine. It is a fact that comparing Tibb-e-Nabawi to what doctors prescribe is just like comparing regular medicine to folk medicine.

The hearts that are connected with the Lord of the Worlds – the Creator of the disease and its cure and He Who Controls the affairs of everything and everyone; require special types of remedies that are nothing like those required for such hearts that are not linked with their Lord. Furthermore, whenever the soul and the heart become stronger spiritually, they will cooperate to defeat the illness. How can anyone deny that the most effective cure for the ailment that afflicts the heart and soul occurs by feeling delight and joy when drawing closer to the Lord, loving Him, remembering Him, being totally dedicated and attentive to Him, depending on Him and seeking His help? Only the most ignorant people deny these facts, especially those who have the dullest intellect, the worst comprehension and who are the farthest from Allah and from knowing the true reality of mankind’s creation. Soon after, Allah willing, we will mention the reason why reciting Al-Fatihah (the first chapter in the Quran) has removed the effects of a poisonous sting, enabling the poisoned person to stand up as if he never suffered pain.

We mill mention two types of Prophetic medicine in as much detail as possible, according to the limited strength, knowledge & resources available with us. We rely only on Allah for every good and righteous matter, while seeking His Bounty, for He is the Cherished Who Grants blessings without limit.